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Getting the word out for the new album

Hello everyone,

Someone very special to me has been working night and day to help get the word out on the upcoming album. Not only is she an amazing teammate, she happens to be much much more (we share a bed) ... So everyone take a moment and thank Claude for doing the work to increase our social reach over 500% this week! No, that is not a typo. 

You see, I like to sing and make music. The problem is that no one would ever hear it without someone shouting out about it. Claude volunteered to work this promotion piece and I am eternally grateful for her inner strength and drive.

I am speaking about the Thunderclap campaign. This is simply a social media campaign to expand the reach of the album project to everyone's network. So far we are at 58% of our goal, have a social reach of over 72,000, and have 9 days left. if we do not reach our goal of at least 100%, it is game over. I think we're gonna make it, but we still need your support now. If you haven't yet joined, I invite you to take the 30 seconds and sign up.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to
2. Note you are reading the message that will blast out on September 8 via social media. On the middle of the page, click “Support with Facebook”, “Support with Twitter”, or “Support with Tumblr”. You can also click all 3 if you have accounts.
3. A pop-up screen will appear. Click “+Add My Support”.
4. Thunderclap will ask if you want to receive email updates from the organizer and Thunderclap. Enter your email address and click submit or click “No Thanks”. It is also recommended to uncheck the box that says,“Keep me updated on other news and developments from Thunderclap.”
5. The next screen should say, “Thank you! We will post this one-time message to your account on September 08 at 5:00PM CDT.” Click “Share”, “Tweet”, or “Reblog”.

Anyway, if you support this project from the start, I'm pretty sure I will feel like inviting you to a CD release party later this year on a European island paradise. No, I'm not kidding. And who wouldn't want that?

Take care, my brothers and sisters and I am looking forward to sharing the album with you.