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How to Lose Control - Pledge Music Update

Hi all!

This week's update is on the evolution of the song, "Lose Control", a 5-minute epic rock song with a soaring chorus and amazing lead guitar solos (yes, that is plural). Ultimately the theme of this song is about letting go of the illusion of control in one's life in order to face an authentic shot at true happiness. And that involves being good to the ones you love and making right the past. I had to learn some lessons the hard way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song and hearing the different versions.

I originally sang the melody as a voice memo into my phone in early 2014. Shortly after writing the lyrics to acoustic guitar, I began laying down some tracks in my home studio in Italy at the time. The song began with New Wave and Classic Rock roots as I played many tracks on guitar, keyboards, bass, and programmed the drums. The inspiration was fresh and new territory for me, as were the lyrics (some quite dark). Once Anthony "RasCricket" Cusenza got involved and added his amazing guitars, I knew we were on to something special. Later a piano and real bass were added and the vocals re-recorded in Dallas. Finally the mixing and mastering added the finishing polish to make it what it is today. "Lose Control" was probably my most challenging and complicated track on the album.

The rest of this update, including video and demo download is available on Pledge Music!