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The Blog is Back!

Hello everyone,

After a crazy 2 years in 3 countries, 2 continents and finally catching my breath, I wanted to say "hello"! Hope all is well.

Yes, I know I have been a stranger. It has been a long time since new music and videos. That is going to change in 2018. ;)

There are plenty of lessons learned from the last release. Not sure what prompted me to release a non-Holiday album on December 21 in the past. Perhaps I could blame it on the new baby (at the time) or the jetlag from moving overseas once again. But I'm smarter now (ha ha). Well, perhaps ...

Anyway, I am about to post a large amount of regular videos on my website and YouTube channel. I hope you find something you enjoy. To begin, on January 31, I will release a new video from the first album, Rock My Heart. As the weeks pass, you will hear some additional songs and compilations that ultimately lead into the next project.

Please keep in touch. You, dear listener, are the reason I make music!

I invite you to join my email list where you will immediately get 3 free song downloads and become part of an exclusive community where you hear the new music first. I will also throw in extra bonuses, such as the new album cover, letting you pick the next single, and helping me determine the final mix on upcoming songs (something I do NOT consider myself objective in doing as that little voice inside my head works overtime). I may even throw in that song recorded in a combat zone (true story).

It will be fun, so I hope to hear from you soon!


Photo by Wandering Oaks Photography