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The Story behind "The Circle"

Hello, Dear Readers,

Yesterday, I released a new video from the first album entitled, The Circle. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Looking back, this is one of my favorite songs from the album. And one of the easiest to complete. It just flowed (for me). It was also the first song mixed and mastered for the album with minimal effort.

Themes are quite dark at the beginning. I believe I was reading the Dark Tower series at the time and imagining a lone drifter wandering wastelands in search of a better world. Ultimately the theme is about love transcending darkness, yet there is still an earthy and driving edge to the sound which I really love. The Circle to me is one's community that transforms basic every day life and sadness into a life of purpose and meaning that goes beyond the self. The chorus lyrics fed directly into the album title

Written on acoustic guitar, in the original form, I imagined it sounding more like a stripped down Neil Young song. Once the production began, that sound later evolved into what it is. 

While traveling to the US in 2014, I recruited Renee Janski to play electric violin. She is a truly amazing and multi-talented artist in her own right and added an amazing touch to the song. We have been friends since age 14. Check out her latest work.

Then entered Anthony Cusenza, a superb and multi-talented Reggae artist from Ashland, Oregon, who played guitars in a truly brilliant fashion. What was interesting is that he told me he struggled finding his "sound" in this one. Spent many hours working through it. But I love what he did with the multiple guitars because it is rich and different.

I played acoustic guitar, keyboards, synth bass, and provided the drum programming. If there are any faults with the instruments or mix, blame me entirely!

Ultimately for me, this song has been a blessing. When they flow, which is not always the case, you just gotta let it flow!

Please keep in touch to immediately download this song for free plus 2 others. As I reveal new videos and a forthcoming album release, you will be the first to hear about it.

Thank you for keeping music alive in 2018!



Photo by Transformed Photo