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Video release of "Change Change Change"

Hello all,

Hope all is well. Please enjoy the video of the first single, "Change Change Change". This song is about what life looks like when you DON'T get what you want. I have never listened to the Stones much, but have always been fascinated by the song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Such a profound life message and so hard to fathom for many of us most of the time. This song was written during one of those times for me and my family (and it sounds nothing like the Stones). This song is about how to make your life ROCK in the face of uncertainty and temporary disappointment.

Written in a hotel room in Virginia while briefly separated from the family after moving continents in ten days and resigning from active duty, I recorded an electronic version on my digital audio workstation using a MIDI keyboard while still finishing the lyrics. Because I had just packed up my studio in Italy, I could not play for real and sent very broad notes to the studio musicians in Los Angeles. Anyone who knows me may be surprised by that and the song could have fallen on its face as a result. Sometimes the best medicine, however, is to get out of my own way and let everyone shine on their own. I feel the musicians really did that on this track and the result is upbeat and positive while grounded in some version of reality (down the rabbit hole we go).

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts. What does this song mean to you?