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Website Launch!

Hello all!


I am very pleased to announce the launch of my website. Welcome to the site and I hope you find something you like here.


Who is Runaway Scotty? I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist/arranger/producer/coffeelover who has been making music my entire life. After undergoing some life and perspective changes while serving overseas in the Navy, I had a strong desire to record the songs I had in my head and share them with music lovers worldwide. I also realized that there has never been a better time in history to be an Indie artist and self-release material without limitations imposed by industry or major labels. The floodgates have opened and we can only hope the quality of the music speaks for itself and gives fans something they love and want (assuming people first hear who I am).


Why Runaway Scotty? Beside the fact that my actual name is quite forgettable, the idea of runaways has always held a romantic and legendary status in rock music. In rock, there's just something cool about busting out of town with a guitar on your back. Not so much in the real world, perhaps. Anyway, add to it that over the past 10 years I have lived in Texas, Illinois, Mississippi, Sicily, Florida, Georgia, Washington state, Maryland, Italy, and back to Texas, I might as well fit the bill as a runaway. Or at least have itchy feet and be able to write about it. So that's why...


And the music! There has been much work and preparation on new original music and I cannot wait for you to hear it. In fact, the album is due to be released in a few months! The songs are in the final stages right now. It has been a labour of love over the last 18 months. The album should have 11 songs and be almost 1 hour long. Alternate arrangements and mixes have been also recorded to give people plenty of material to hear. The album will be called Rock My Heart.


Project Origins. The work of this project began in January 2014 in Naples, Italy, where I began building a home studio, later known as Piselli studios (Piselli stands for "sweat peas" in italian and is a nickname for someone I am quite fond of). Originally intending to record an album of previously written material, I began to write newly inspired music as the project continued. As a result, only 2 older songs made the cut with the rest being newer compositions. 11 songs were picked from 30.


The Musical Geniuses. An amazing team of musicians joined me to work on this project. From Renee Janski of Big Bag Gina lending her vocals and violin, to Ashland, Oregon's brilliant Anthony Cusenza playing an amazing Nylon and electric guitars, to various studio musicians from around the globe such as Los Angeles and Serbia, their contributions shine and bring real magic to the basic acoustic tracks I submit to them. The shine has continued as I received expert mixing and mastering from a team of professionals in Los Angeles. We're talking some of the names that have made the top stars shimmer throughout the years (and they have requested to keep their full names anonymous, so don't ask me). 


To start you off, an instrumental version of the longer edit of the song Anyway has been placed on the site for streaming. I hope you enjoy it. Check back often as a full promo video and single will be released next week.


I cannot wait for you to hear the music! Let me know your thoughts. Join my email list if you would like to keep in touch (I promise not to spam like crazy).


Also, this is YOUR site! Tell me what you want to see and hear. Tell me your favorite songs and moments. There will be much added to it in the coming months and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Keep the faith and until next time,