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Writing "Anyway"

Hello all,

Tomorrow is a special day. Why yes, Valentine’s Day, of course! It also marks the release of my new lyric video, “Anyway (piano version edit)”. This is a shortened and stripped down version of the original 2015 song.

Written in 2014 on Active Duty, while the writing flowed well, the early premise came from a difficult subject that hits close to home for many of us. Part of my job was to interview the local Navy suicide prevention coordinator. And that got me thinking. A lot. Not only of the problem with the suicide levels among military and veterans, but what it takes to keep going despite having the worst day or decade of your life.

With the writing, I deliberately chose not to tone down or “sugar coat” the protagonist’s pain. It is dark and perhaps uncomfortable, however, the last thing someone in crises wants to hear is the rationalization that things are not so bad. To that person in that moment, they are, and that hurt needs to be acknowledged so it can be processed in a healthy way. To quote a Navy training, “it’s okay not to be okay”. Not forever, but for now.

From there, I asked a critical question: what differentiates a person in distress who enters a downward spiral versus one who transforms the situation into empowerment despite all odds? The answer came to me as “that one thing”. For me, it was my sweetheart, Claude, who has stood by me for years. For others, it may be something else. The key is to find “that one thing” and embrace it wholeheartedly. Regardless of the day/week/month/year I’m having, “she says she loves me anyway”. And that makes all the difference.

While I love the 2015 production of the song, I felt there was something missing. Or actually too much there. My running joke about this song is that it is about butterflies … until you read the lyrics. In a 2015 Independent Spotlight album review, Brett Stewart enjoyed it, yet called it a “silly little love song”. I thought that was funny; he didn’t read the lyrics. But the production led Brett and others to the same conclusion. The full production hypnotized people into thinking the song was all sweet and happy. And while parts of it are, there is so much more of the story to tell. And the only way to effectively tell it is with less; just voice and piano. And perhaps a lyric video. So that’s why the new version.

The vocals were re-recorded on the island of Crete and the song was mixed in the UK. I kept the original piano.

The next time you are having a rough moment, I invite you to think of and express gratitude for “that one thing” in your life and allow it to heal your pain. And if you have not yet found “that one thing”, there are so many to choose from: make one up!

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Happy Valentine’s Day and please keep in touch,



Photo by Wandering Oaks Photography