Runaway Scotty - Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Co-producer

Scott Carter, aka Runaway Scotty, is a US singer songwriter and recording artist. With music in his soul since an embryo, the sound is influenced by the vocal richness of Imogen Heap and pop sensibilities of Brandon Flowers.

After serving in the US Navy in Naples, Italy, he released his worldwide debut album, Rock My Heart, in 2015 to critical and fan acclaim. A 2015 review in Independent Spotlight states, “Runaway Scotty’s ‘Rock My Heart’ pulls out all the stops to maintain a quality experience very much worthy of McCartney’s original enthusiasm for the style”. One 5-star fan review on Amazon stated, “both the music and the lyrics themselves are layers deep and the more you listen, the more they reveal themselves. Far from plain, these songs are exciting and engaging.” Rock My Heart is a fine showcase for his hook-laden songwriting skills, strong vocals and richly textured guitars compliments of Anthony Cusenza. Rock My Heart is available everywhere online for purchase and streaming.

Residing in Crete, Greece, Runaway Scotty is currently working on two additional music projects for 2018. The first is a collection of alternate versions, outtakes, demos, and previously unreleased titles that expand on the elements of Rock My Heart and take it into new territory. Next is a vocally-rich pop album that promises to continue the trend of strong songwriting with a modern electro-pop vibe.

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