Hello 2021!

Just a quick "hello" and that I'm slowly getting back in the swing of all things music. After moving from Greece to Germany and back to Greece with a myriad of changes and a pandemic, please pardon my silence. 2021 is the year it all turns around.

I hope you are well and keeping the faith and strong relationships amidst the new world we live in. 




Writing "Anyway" 

Hello all,

Tomorrow is a special day. Why yes, Valentine’s Day, of course! It also marks the release of my new lyric video, “Anyway (piano version edit)”. This is a shortened and stripped down version of the original 2015 song.

Written in 2014 on Active Duty, while the writing flowed well, the early premise came from a difficult subject that hits close to home for many of us. Part of my job was to interview the local Navy suicide prevention coordinator. And that got me thinking. A lot. Not only of the…

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The Story behind "The Circle" 

Hello, Dear Readers,

Yesterday, I released a new video from the first album entitled, The Circle. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Looking back, this is one of my favorite songs from the album. And one of the easiest to complete. It just flowed (for me). It was also the first song mixed and mastered for the album with minimal effort.

Themes are quite dark at the beginning. I believe I was reading the Dark Tower series at the time and imagining a lone drifter wandering wastelands in search of a…

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The Blog is Back! 

Hello everyone,

After a crazy 2 years in 3 countries, 2 continents and finally catching my breath, I wanted to say "hello"! Hope all is well.

Yes, I know I have been a stranger. It has been a long time since new music and videos. That is going to change in 2018. ;)

There are plenty of lessons learned from the last release. Not sure what prompted me to release a non-Holiday album on December 21 in the past. Perhaps I could blame it on the new baby (at the time) or the jetlag from moving overseas once…

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How to Lose Control - Pledge Music Update 

Hi all!

This week's update is on the evolution of the song, "Lose Control", a 5-minute epic rock song with a soaring chorus and amazing lead guitar solos (yes, that is plural). Ultimately the theme of this song is about letting go of the illusion of control in one's life in order to face an authentic shot at true happiness. And that involves being good to the ones you love and making right the past. I had to learn some lessons the hard way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song and hearing the different…

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Getting the word out for the new album 

Hello everyone,

Someone very special to me has been working night and day to help get the word out on the upcoming album. Not only is she an amazing teammate, she happens to be much much more (we share a bed) ... So everyone take a moment and thank Claude for doing the work to increase our social reach over 500% this week! No, that is not a typo. 

You see, I like to sing and make music. The problem is that no one would ever hear it without someone shouting out about it. Claude volunteered to work this…

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Video release of "Change Change Change" 

Hello all,

Hope all is well. Please enjoy the video of the first single, "Change Change Change". This song is about what life looks like when you DON'T get what you want. I have never listened to the Stones much, but have always been fascinated by the song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Such a profound life message and so hard to fathom for many of us most of the time. This song was written during one of those times for me and my family (and it sounds nothing like the Stones). This song is about…

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Website Launch! 

Hello all!


I am very pleased to announce the launch of my website. Welcome to the site and I hope you find something you like here.


Who is Runaway Scotty? I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist/arranger/producer/coffeelover who has been making music my entire life. After undergoing some life and perspective changes while serving overseas in the Navy, I had a strong desire to record the songs I had in my head and share them with music lovers worldwide. I also realized that there has never been a better…

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Album Coming Soon! 

Just wanted to say 'Hi'. A brief update you to let you know I am going back in the studio next week to place finishing touches on the album. 11 songs of pop hooks, rock guitars, catchy grooves, and mostly "oh no you didn't" moments! This is a full production and the genre is all over the map. Can't wait for you to hear it and give me your feedback!

Please join my email list to be the first to hear song clips and even watch a video! http://bit.ly/rnwyscty

Love and admiration,